How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

How To Start A Blog

Have you been trying to figure out how to start a blog? Before beginning a blog, you will have to come up with a niche for your blog. Take some time to brainstorm and come up with some ideas that you feel are of interest to you and that you feel you would have a lot to write about. Make a list of about 5 or 6 topics that you feel would be important or interesting for you to share. You may have trouble at first coming up with a niche for your blog, but there are so many ideas out there. These ideas can range anywhere from different ways or topics to help others, personal hobbies, life experiences, future goals, etc. The list can literally go on and on. Narrow down your ideas and then choose the topic that would best suit you for your blog. After you have decided on what your blog niche will be, you need to choose a name for your blog or what is called a domain name.

How To Choose A Domain Name

In deciding how to choose a domain name, it is best to choose a name that will relate to your blog. For example, if you are writing about dog breeds, a good name for your blog would be In deciding how to choose a domain name, it is good to find a short relevant title, although you will most likely have a hard time finding a very relevant two word domain with the extension for .com. The domains for .com are the most common, but there are many other extensions available such as .ca, .biz, .org, among others. If the extension is not a big deal to you, you may be able to find your two word domain under the other extensions. If you would prefer to have a .com domain, you will most likely end up having to brainstorm a relevant three word domain name. Alternatively, there are many bloggers that are choosing to use their own names as their blog’s domain name such as This is becoming more and more common with popular bloggers.

Can I Start A Blog For Free?

There are many blogging platforms in which you can start a blog for free. While these can cut down on your expenses with blogging, they do not offer the many benefits that paid blogging platforms offer. Deciding to go with a paid blogging platform will offer you many more options than a free platform may. There may not be many theme options to choose from with free blogs. You may also be very limited to the amount of space that is available to you for your blog. If somewhere down the road you decide to change from a free blog option to a paid blog, it may be a very tedious process to transfer all of your data over to your new paid blog platform. This is why I would highly recommend to pay a small fee with a professional blogging platform such as a WordPress blog, and not to start a blog for free.

How To Start A Blog

Domain Name Registration

After you have decided what you would like your domain name to be, you will have to buy the domain name and get domain name registration. There are many sites that sell domain names, but one of the best ones is GoDaddy. You will first have to use the Domain Name Search field to see if the domain name you want is available for domain registration or not. If after using the domain name search tool, the domain name is available, you can purchase it. There will also be the option to purchase domain privacy.

How To Start A Blog

Should I Purchase Domain Privacy?

Domain privacy will hide your personal information and make it unavailable for those who are searching for the owner of your site. It is a personal preference and you can decide if that would be important for you or not. GoDaddy will also have options for domain certification, search engine visibility, and the option to purchase more domains with your domain name. Again, these are all personal preferences, and you can decide if that is important for you or not.


What Are The Benefits Of GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is actually the world’s largest registrar for domain names, with over 17 million customers. It is clearly the most popular because it offers so many benefits and makes your process of how to start a blog so much easier. With the purchase of a domain name and domain registration, there are many other free features that are offered. Here are some benefits that domain registration with GoDaddy offers:

  • Domain forwarding- With this feature, you will be able to redirect another domain to your own blog.
  • Personalized email address- With the purchase of your domain name, GoDaddy will also provide you with your own email address with the extension of your domain name.
  • Domain name autorenewal- You will not have to worry about manually renewing your domain name once it comes time for expiration. You will receive a notice, and your domain name will automatically be renewed.
  • Domain for sale- If at some point you choose to sell your domain name, GoDaddy actually provides you with the tools to be able to sell your domain name.
  • Domain locking- The domain locking that GoDaddy provides will prevent the transfer of your domain ownership.

Click Here to find a domain name with GoDaddy.


Where Can I Get The Best Domain Hosting?

After you have purchased a domain name, the next step in how to start a blog is to host your own domain. There are many domain hosting services, but Bluehost is known to offer the best domain hosting. Some of the benefits of Bluehost are:

    • They offer hosting for $3.95 per month.
    • They offer very fast server speed and website loading.
    • Their customer support is easily accessible.
  • Their control panel makes it very easy to install software such as WordPress.
  • They offer a 30-day money back guarantee if customers are not happy with their hosting service.

Bluehost offers one of the most affordable domain hosting services right now. You can get your blog hosted at $3.95 per month. Click here to sign up for hosting with Bluehost.

How To Start A Blog

How To Install WordPress With Bluehost

After you have purchased your domain name and your hosting plan, the last step in how to start a blog is to install WordPress. WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. It is very easy to install WordPress with Bluehost. When you are logged into your Bluehost account, you can go into your cPanel, go to Website and then click on “install WordPress”.Once you have installed WordPress, you can choose one of their free themes, or else one of their paid themes. A lot of bloggers choose to buy their WordPress themes through Studiopress. They offer some of the best designed themes, as well as very reliable customer support. After your blog is set up with WordPress, you are now ready to add some content to your blog.


I have now gone over the basics of how to start a blog. There are many people who start a blog to make money either with a side income or even a full time income. If you would like to make an additional income from starting a blog, just follow these steps:

  • Find a niche for your blog.
  • Buy a domain name with GoDaddy.
  • Go to Bluehost to set up hosting for your blog.
  • Install WordPress with your Bluehost hosting account.

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